Could you support for $9 a month?

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Could you support for $ 9 a month ?

It is hard to live on the street. It is good during sunny days. But fear of the night is not just darkness. There is no door. There is no key. It is fear that only women can understand. There is another problem. It's rain. Uganda's rainy season lasts months. (Twice in the rainy season, from March to May and in the light rainy season, from September to November) The smashing downpour continues. There are few paved roads, and red soil roads have large puddles and become muddy.

In the rainy season, many mosquitoes occur and malaria patients increase. And at night it's pretty cold to want to wear heavy clothes. Some people are wearing down jackets. We want a roof that prevents strong sunlight and heavy rain. We want a wall that avoids the public. Above all,We want food.We want clean washed clothes. None of them are ordinary things for us Japanese. Rather than not working, working like a slave cannot get out of poverty with cheap wages. Abandoned children will choose to steal or pick up litter as a way of living.

But, you can make us a little help that will help us recover. We are not lazy. a child wants to be a pilot, a child wants to be a nurse, and a child wants to be a doctor. However, there is a cause here to give up hope. It is poverty. But, too late, It is an adult who has been ruined by many years of hungry thinner and marijuana. They are poor but too late. . . . SFBC wants to rescue children before they are too late. If in Uganda, our $ 9 is very valuable to them. You can change a child's life. So, you help "Ester's collected orphans" for your $9 per one month..

Below is a list of prices in Kampala, the capital city. Some are as good as Japan, some are surprisingly cheap.

Cost of Living in Kampala

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Is Kampala expensive compared to your city?




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