Activities of TINE 2018/8

■ TINE activity report as of August 2018 (Excerpt from the August 2018 field report)

Esta's TINE has always been around these five places in a week. (Details are explained on separate pages. TINE is also explained.)

  • When Esta helped the children from the slums of Kampala, they took them to the children's house near Lake Victoria (Child House Lake Side) or the church children's house (Church Kyengera) in Chengella village. I have the pastors take care of them. At this time, 15 children each lived. So there are a total of 30 children.

Money is necessary for children to live. At this time, Esta pays $ 100 USD for the rental of the children's house in the lake, and $ 50 USD for the rental of the children's house in Chengella village. And as food, we will send $ 100 for each child's house on a motorbike every month (explained in a separate article with photos). So if you add the rental fee and the food bill, you need $ 200 on the left and $ 150 on the right.

So how do Esta raise money? From the figure above, you can see that the income [incom] is between $ 350 and $ 450. It was distributed to each. Above is $ 200 on the right side, $ 150 on the left side, and the rent of your apartment [Ester's Apartment] + telephone charges + electricity charges + water charges. By the way, there is no gas. That's about $ 100 dollars.

Supporting them is the external donation in the upper right corner. About 3 people continue to donate. We don't know how many people are actually sending, but the number of people who keep sending regularly is three as of September 2018. Esta can not afford. Children who can't pay money will be driven back to school. Children who are driven back from the classroom can no longer study.



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