SFBC & TINE Accounting Report

Detailed accounting report from TINE (2018/10~2019/8)

The latest TINE financial report is shown below. You can zoom in and turn the page. The period is 11 months from 2018/10 to 2019/8.

tine accountability_satoru_edited_USD

Remittance from SFBC to Uganda TINE

The period is 13 months from 2018/10 to 2019/10.

Remittance date Remittance company Receiving account Remittance amount
(Excluding fees)
2018/09/28 PayForex TINE 5237 USD
2018/11/21 PayForex TINE 449 USD
2019/01/07 PayForex TINE 479 USD
2019/01/28 PayForex TINE 451.96 USD
2019/02/27 PayForex TINE 406.25 USD
2019/03/28 PayForex TINE 402.95 USD
2019/04/25 PayForex TINE 410.87 USD
2019/05/28 PayForex TINE 411.13 USD
2019/06/25 PayForex TINE 411.07USD
2019/07/30 PayForex TINE 411.95USD
2019/08/27 PayForex TINE 424.49USD
2019/10/06 I handed the Japanese yen directly for September. Ester Taka ¥65,000円≒$591USD
2019/10/10 PayForex (For new orphanage construction) TINE 5300USD
2019/10/28 PayForex TINE 1,863.35USD
Subtotal so far $17250.02USD

Remittance method : We donate money to Uganda banks through a money transfer company. Uganda bank is CENTENARY RURAL DEVELOPMENT BANK LIMITED.

(Our monthly target remittance of $ 400 USD (454 USD including remittance fee) / as of May 2019)

Why did SFBC set this average target amount? We will keep the transfer from SFBC to Uganda TINE constant. It aims to stabilize accounting at the local Uganda TINE. We have set a reasonable amount as a target amount, considering the local situation and SFBC's accounting status. There are also plans to follow up and review the local cooperation system in the future. TINE children will want land. It is intended to harvest crops and keep livestock. It becomes “nutrient food” for children and “sales revenue”.

date SFBC surplus funds
( $1Usd = 110Yen)
2019/5/28 $374.67- 5/28Balance after remittance => next month
2019/7/30 $1333.76- 7/30 Balance after remittance => next month or to orphan funds
 2019/8/27 $1729.21- 8/27 Balance after remittance => next month or to orphan funds
 2019/11/01 $670.37- 1-/28 Balance after remittance => next month

2019/7/30   The SFBC has greatly increased its surplus funds by donators. The SFBC truly appreciates the profound and great Jesus Christ of grace. This money will be used as a monthly scheduled remittance or as a funding reserve for a new home for orphans. Or, if there is an emergency request from Ester, it will be decided at the SFBC executive meeting. At that time, SFBC will report details to you on this report page. Thank you for browsing. Thank you in the future. SFBC administrator.

01/11/2019   Construction of the orphanage has resumed. How wonderful God is! After all, we were able to collect construction funds + alpha funds before we launched the crowdfunding campaign! And this month's surplus is over $670 ! Hallelujah! All glory will be returned to the Lord! (God actually used the materials and announcement videos created for this crowdfunding! The materials and videos were created based on the opinions and additions of everyone! )

TINE Monthly Expenditure Chart (2018 / 10-2019 / 8) 【New data】

The TINE spending situation for 11 months was categorized for each item and graphed. What we can see from this is that 1: Rent (current apartment) accounts for about 50%.

(Note: As with this graph, for all of the following graphs, exceptional items are an obstacle to seeing long-term fluctuations, so we have removed them. The exception items are “construction costs for new homes ",and " designated expenses in a separate frame requested by me ", and " donations to hospitals that I have not done yet ")

Next, we tried a similar analysis every six months to see if there was a change in spending over time. From this result, the ratio of rent to expenses is about half too.

In addition, we analyzed monthly spending changes, school expenses, and food expenses. As with rent, you can see that tuition and food expenses are paid together for several months. So, when we look at spending, we think that it is appropriate to watch on average, such as half a year.

and, the number of children is increasing day by day, but I think that the average age of children is still low because it does not have much influence on food and school expenses.

TINE Monthly Expenditure Chart (2018 / 10-2019 / 4) 【previous data】

About the period from 2018/10 to 2019/4. The graph shows the monthly consumption for about 6 months. All amounts are converted to Japanese yen (1 $ = 110 yen). Local currency UGX (Uganda Shilling) is converted to Japanese yen. The above pdf is the same conversion method.

The rate is 1UXG = 0.030JPY. (2019/4/26 rate)

You can see that the leftmost 2018-Oct is over 700,000 yen. This is because TINE is building a new house. The completion is unfortunately due to lack of funds (as of May 2019) Information on this shortage will be introduced separately on the “New House” page.

Pie chart by TINE spending type (2018 / 10-2019 / 4)

This pie chart shows the details of TINE's expenses during the six months from 2018/10 to 2019/4. All original data is based on the pdf shown above.

Analysis conducted by SFBC (2018 / 10-2019 / 4)

The total remittance amount from SFBC is $ 7,922 USD (871,420 yen), and the total TINE expense during the same period is $ 8526 USD (937,860 yen). The difference is $ 604 USD (66,000 yen), suggesting that TINE may have received a donation other than SFBC, and that TINE was faithfully accounted for. Is evaluating TINE as a highly reliable ministry. Thank you God.

From the pie chart, it can be seen that NewHouse, rent (apartment), and school expenses account for the largest weight. If NewHouse is completed, you can expect rent to be zero. Other than that, food expenses, clothing, transportation expenses, mission activity expenses (the contents are almost transportation expenses) are low. Uganda's prices are low for food and transportation. And I think they aren't choosing good foods that are so nutritious. (I am worried. Children need to eat nutritious food) Cheap clothing is largely due to the constant climate of Uganda at 23 ° C.

The construction cost of the “New House” accounts for 23% of the total. As of May 5, 2019, “New House” for this orphan is temporarily suspended due to lack of funds.

Rent (currently 40 orphans in the apartment) is 30% of the total

education is 17%

Thank you for reading. (Administrator 2019/5/29)


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