Uganda meal

Our meal.

This is Kentucky. Fried chicken, French fries, Fanta orange, Coca-Cola. . . . However, it is a very luxury item. The reason why they came here on the first day was because I (the administrator) visited Uganda and took care of them. Of course I paid. (m_m;

Banana and potato

This was a normal meal. I don't know the whole of Uganda, but it was two meals each morning and evening.

The contents of the plastic bag are souvenirs from Japan. Everyone ate deliciously. I forgot to take a picture, but I cooked naan, boiled blue bananas, and seasoned potatoes, and boiled potatoes. Both were well seasoned (Thank you for Esta!) And ate deliciously every day.

These are the two boys brought from the slums. It was when they ate lunch at a restaurant in Kampala. Indeed, it was an unusual and luxurious dish. The boy on the left is cutting a cake baked with flour. It is a little sweet and easy to eat.



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