Look at me! My name is Trinity!

Heavenly Father & Father's Son & Holy Spirit

My mother is Esta.

She is 27 years old.

When my mom was still like me, she was brought to the city by her grandmother when My mother was five years old.

The city where my mother was thrown away is called Kampala.

And wait and wait,

Grandma didn't come back to her.

Yes, mom was abandoned. 

Do you want to know where I live?

It is a country called Uganda in Africa. It's just below the equator, but it's not hotter than summer in Japan.

Why? Because it is high. Do you know that it is above 1200m? At noon, the sunshine is usually bright. The skin Sunburn a little,but It's a little chilly in the evening. So I have a jacket that I can easily put on.

(I don't want to say a bit) Uganda , It ’s very poor.
Even a small me can understand. Isn't there a difference between rich and poor in the US and Japan? This is mostly poor. That's why I think my mother was abandoned.

Kampala is the capital of Uganda, There are slums in some places. Do you know slam? My mother called her home the getto.

The getto is dirty, tattered, and a mud river runs through the house during the rainy season. The kids who live there are called street children. Usually, children live only with their children.

no money.

no food.

What are you doing? 

I have no choice. sorry.
That is a thief!

I'll get a little from you.

(I speak with a small voice I can't hear)

Steal quickly.

It can't be helped.

I'm hungry.

As my mother grew older, my mother did something worse.

Do you smoke cannabis, thinner and kerosene? Do you rob the hotel?

I think it ’s a bad thing. I'm not interested.

But my mother raised and sold cannabis in a vacant land (it's called cultivation)

It made so much money

But my mom knew it was bad.

It's already a gang world.

The more bad the mom is, the more she hates self.

So. My mother did three suicide attempts. Three times.

Usually it will be successful once.

My mother is unlucky.


Mom, mom. Probably around 20. Is n’t it sad?

after that

This is my current mom. mom become younger when mom life changes in the right direction.

Yo You know, I hove to tell you important things to you.

The reason I was born.

Mom was forced to attack.

And I was born.

Mom did n’t like it and forgot it,

But Mom loves me so much , you know?

Because it ’s my mom!

My current mother. have a gentle face, you know?

An encounter with a Christian

The person changed her mother like a different person.

My mother says that the love of Jesus Christ has changed her mother who was interested in suicide.

I'm still a kid, so I'm not sure, but I'm glad my mom didn't do the fourth suicide.

I really appreciate Jesus.

My mom really changed after I realized that Jesus loved me.

Mom apologized. For those whose mothers did bad things. It was a great many people. Of course not everyone allowed her. But my mother apologized.

then Finally, My mother went to see her grandmother.

The grandmother cried and apologized because she knew Esta that she threw away.

My mother told me. The grandmother said, “There were various difficult circumstances.”

People are difficult.

Next is the order in which Esta saves the child.

Junior and Sandy like my brothers.

These two are already good friend ~ ~ ~ ♡ Nakayoshi (Japanese)

These children were also helped by Esta a year ago from the slums.

A mother who knew Jesus' love. Because she was a street child, she couldn't ignore children who were abandoned by slums or whose parents died from illness or accidents.

So my mother brings many children from the slum.

I have fun because I have a lot of friends.

Good luck Mom!

ママ だーい 好き💛

I love you Mommy! 💛 💛 (⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡



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