Reunited tears, Esta's daughter came to visit!

She is Ester’s Baby born at the age of 15".
She and mother Ester met again for the first time in 12 years.

Twelve years ago, Ester's life at that time was in the darkness of tomorrow with uncertain disappointment and poverty. That was 12 years ago. Baby born by Ester at age 15 was adopted in the United States. It was too soon. But, The baby at that time arrived in Uganda from a US in December 2019! It is a reunion of parents and children. She is Trinity's sister. This was a long-awaited reunion. Parents and children had a happy time. It was a precious time. God is good wonderful. At the time of reunion. It is when she is walking in the light with Ester's good living conditions, and Ester has hopes and goals. God has set a "good time" for Ester. Hallelujah!!

Her adoptive parents also came to Uganda. We wish Shukuni happiness. Thank God! Thank you!




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