Rescuing children from slums

This is Kampala's slum area

That slum area is somewhat like a corner of Shinjuku business center in Tokyo in Japan

This is a slum area in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. Ghetto and the local people call. It is not a place for Japanese to go sightseeing. There are plenty of adults and children with PET bottles with thinner in one hand. It is declining very much.

Here are parents who died in a traffic accident, there are children who can not go and children who have been thrown away for some reason. It is commonplace to steal without the money to buy food. Anyway it is not an exaggeration to say that the whole country is poor.

We helped the child
from the slum area.

There are various children. Some children whose mothers are run over by cars and have gone away, some parents who die due to illness, some parents who can not raise children by living in trouble, sometimes child born not to be born is born Today, We do not know what kind of reason, but somehow They have thrown away in the ditch of the slums, children who are about to die in malnutrition, and various children. They have neither a family register nor a resident card. But there are reasons why the children were bad?  


Esta is a woman in a floral shirt. Esta brought two boys with shoulder from the slums. Many children suffered from poverty and loneliness. Why did she choose them? It was a straightforward reason.

"Because they appeared in front of Esta and they were very exhausted"

They are Ashraf and Ippra. Their lives change dramatically from today. A scary night, a hard night, a frightened day, a day of escape, they have worked hard and lived. It is because it understands well that Ester was a slum kid.

clothes and shoes are new as well. (Moses came running and bought them!) Their future life will be new. Esta told me "Look at the year ahead!" I got happy hope.

Together they went to a child's house near Lake Victoria. I am praying for getting used to their new life as soon as possible.

Sandy (left) and Junior (right). They were helped from slums in the summer of 2017. And just a year has passed (2018). Today they go to school and are learning characters (English).

Junior's dream is a rapper. He may be a famous rap musician, perhaps with outstanding rhythm feeling.

Sandi's dream is to be an electric engineer. He became 14 years old in the summer of 2018. What he is good at is voice percussion. He and Junior are the strongest combination. They are always together every single day and are very close friends.

This cute girl is also a child saved from the slums. Now he smiles with a big smile! I also want to imitate my hairstyle(^^

It is the state of the child's facility near Lake Victoria borrowed by Esta. There were four bunk beds of iron like this in the soil room. Here are 15 children.

This is also the children playing in the garden of children facilities near Lake Victoria. Every child is a kid who helped Esta from Kampala. It was very peaceful and fine weather this day. (August 2018)



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