Current Ruwafu house Report: 2019

The current orphanage in Luwafu, Mankindye district in Kampala.

There are three homes related to Ester. New House in the village of Kyengera under construction, Kisenyi House who spent the youth of Ester, and this house in Luwafu of this MANKINDYE. This page describes this house (current orphanage).

It is the current house seen from the sky of GoogleMap.

Similarly, this is the house you saw on GoogleMap (enlarge). You can see that it is not small compared to the surrounding house.

This is a sketch of the interior of this house. Since it was written from my memory, the positional relationship may be wrong. However, it was such an image.

It is the front entrance seen from the road. I took this photo in panorama mode. Since it rained last night, it was a muddy road with puddles.

Mr. Moses at the entrance. He has a dignity!  He looked for this house around January 2019. And everyone moved here from the previous apartment. The previous apartment is very near.

One piece at the entrance with children and "dog" (dog name fire)!

As introduced on another page, this is a video taken from the garden.

This is also introduced on another page, Ester and the little kids dancing in this garden.

This was also introduced on another page, these are the children who study in this garden on a sunny day.

Women waving from the balcony. This is a pretty big house with a large garden in front. It is surprising that it is less than US $276 a month. Maybe, This house is likely to cost US $ 1840 to US $ 3680 a month in Japan.

This is the girls room. It is the same room from a big child to a small child. They are 3 sleeping in bed. However, it seems that they are sleeping on the floor because there is not enough bed. At least 20 people say they are sleeping in this room. Ester is sleeping too here with her daughter Trinity.

I introduced this photo on another page. This is the Boys room. A photo taken by Ester at night. You can see that three people are actually sleeping in one bed. Throughout the year, Uganda has a nice climate, so they can spend time without heating. There are at least 20 Boys sleeping in this room.

Prince who likes to paint. (But, I don't like the picture of the Pope in the upper left, but ...)

Junior who became bigger than last year.

Now, let's make cotton candy! This is the scene that I am explaining.

Turn on the switch. For some reason, electricity was supplied after calling the power company. Is it such a contract?

Cotton candy can be made by putting small granular sugar in the machine and getting hot. But this machine was smaller than I expected. I wanted them to eat “big cotton candy from Japanese festivals”. that is unfortunate.

Who will eat next? ! Even a small cotton candy made a fuss!

Mr. Moses distributes “sweets brought from Japan” to children. Arare (unsweet baked confectionery in Japan), biscuits and strange confectionery. Sticky cocoa was surprisingly popular. That! Drink it in hot water! but, boys and garls were licking to that with the palm of on hand. One stick went into many palms. That method may be fun. I wish I had more.

Here are kids playing with paper clay. They are making strange things with various colored clays. Moses tells the child. Don't eat it!

A boy who shows clay works. It looks delicious but don’t eat.

Japanese writing paper used for calligraphy. The ink is a black carbon liquid. Japan calls it Syuuji. We thought we would do Syuuji. However, because we didn't have time, they were just painting (^^; But they were the first experience to write with such a Japanese writing brush and Japanese black carbon liquid.

This is a ceremony to hand over the September donations. This is a scene where money is given in documents and cash (Japanese yen). Even if Ester does not instruct you, the staff will do the paperwork voluntarily. They gave me exactly the receipt that stamped of TINE. Joel, who is in charge of accounting, will handle the paperwork. It was Ester who signed it. Even in the case of Japanese yen, they said they could exchange for dollars when they went to a bank in Kampala.

This is a photo of cooking something. In this house, TINE also gathers nearby women and performs catering. I don't know if it will be profitable. I will hear about it at a later date.

This is the document on the wall. It proves the TINE ministry.

A woman who is sewing on a sewing machine that she just bought in August 2019 for US $94.6.

This bag is made here. It is pretty beautiful. I forgot to ask how much it sold.

They are doing hair makeup. Apply the hair extension well. They are students who came to learn hair styling.

Hitomi of Izumi Christ Glory Church is also receiving hair makeup. Maybe, It will be the first time for students to touch Japanese hair.

Yuki from Izumi Christ Glory Church is also receiving hair makeup. He looks very good.

I brought a helmet from Japan for the purpose of Ester getting on bodaboda(Motorbike taxi). She wears that helmet. She liked it very much.

The surprised expression of the woman behind is interesting. "What are you doing! Ester!"

Ester will participate in Yuki's hair makeup while wearing a helmet.

Now it's late in the evening. The meeting began with Jeremiah's self-introduction. Everyone must introduce themselves. The microphone goes around to everyone.

The dance has begun! Everyone will come out in front. "Next is me", "Next is me!" Probably, Often, they can see that this project is underway. and, On the way, they read the Bible.

here we go! The beginning of the muscle game. The excitement is the best!

And finally everyone has the same meal! The rice and meat were soft and delicious. However, there were not enough spoons, so there were many children eating by hand. sorry.

The meeting ended late at night. We stayed at the pastor's house in the neighborhood, so Ester walked with us to the house on the night road. It was a really short time but we had a good time. We thank God for everything. We will return the glory to the Lord.





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