Helping children from slums 2

On October 30, 2019, two young children from the ghetto also came to the orphanage. Please pray for them, everyone.

His name is Peter. He lived in the ghetto in Kisenyi for two years. For details, Here are the details. please read the last part of It was confirmed on October 30, 2019. This Peter live in Ester's Luwafu Orphanage. Peter, I think it's better to raise Ester than to be raised by a mother-in-law. I think it will take time, but I believe that Peter will also understand the love of the Lord Jesus Christ.

This is Ester's text.「i took him back home to his father's house. but there don't want him there because his real mother was died. and the new mother doesn't love him. so, we come back, and now. his staying with us at the kids home.」


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